Restaurant Review: Bella Napoli

Pizza in Japan is interesting to say the least. Every pizzeria I have ate at on the island almost always has a brick oven to back the pizza to perfection. Bella Napoli is no exception. This third floor restaurant with views of the East China Sea is a great place to meet up with friends for a quick meal. Their pizza selection is creative.

Almost all Japanese pizza places offer toppings like corn and mayonnaise. We weren’t brave enough to add those to our dinner selections. The date started with appetizers that were way better than we expected. I’m not a huge fan of fried food and am cautious when ordering it in restaurants. David ordered hot wings and I ordered calamari. Holy cow y’all. It was delicious. They paired well with my mango juice and his Orion beer.

The pizzas are serves on small wooden paddles that the waitress brings to you. I chose margherita and David picked ham and pineapple. After eating so much of our appetizers, we weren’t sure if we could make room to eat all of our pizza. Don’t worry though. We sat still for a few minutes and sipped on some water. That freed up some space for this delectable dinner.

Since we went to Bella Napoli at night, we didn’t get the ocean view, but we were able to hear the waves. The restaurant wasn’t a challenge to find like lots of places in Japan are. We found it on our first try. Parking in this area can be difficult on the weekends though. David and I felt like we ate so much food for a reasonable price. Bella Napoli is definitely on our list of places to visit again on our weekly date night!

God Bless ♡