Affording Big Baby Items

As any expectant parent knows, baby items like furniture, breast pumps, and strollers aren’t all cheap items. You have to budget for them. David and I are so fortunate that we are on the same page about money and finances were heavily emphasized in our marriage preparation class. We have a ton of things to get for this bundle of joy expecting next summer, but we don’t want to drive ourselves into a large amount of debt. How are we doing it? I’ll let you in on our method.

Write down each item that you need.

Duh. This one is a no brainer. But believe me, you will forget something. I almost forgot that we needed to get a car seat. My brain is already not working. Making a list is helpful because you have all the items in front of you instead of trying to remember everything.

Search on multiple websites for prices.

Don’t be afraid to take the time to compare prices! Definitely don’t forget about resale shops and garage sales. Facebook groups are such a great outlet to find items that people are done with. Other websites like Bookoo are worth looking at, too. Sometimes you can find an item that was used, but with a little love, you can make it look like the name brand piece you wanted to spend big bucks on. Plus it’s a weekend project with your spouse.

Check your health insurance.

David and I are lucky to have health insurance through his job. We are even more lucky that they will help with the cost of a breast pump. Each insurance plan covers different items and brands. Call your insurance company or research what your plan covers and take advantage of the benefits.

Schedule buying big ticket items.

It’s pretty obvious by now I am a Type A personality. Lists are my life source. We sat down and figured out our usual bill amounts, what we spend on groceries, eating out, and what we intend on putting into savings or investment account. With the left over money, we agreed on which items we were going to buy with about the same amount each month.

I get stressed out easily and David knows exactly how to respond to my distress. He’s such an awesome husband who deserves endless praises, but that’s besides the point. Having a plan and sticking to that plan helps me to stay calm in situations that are pretty serious. I know what to expect and David and I are on the same page at all times. If we have new ideas or want to change the plan at any time to something that would make more sense, we make time to sit down and talk about it. Communication is a huge part of a relationship and we put a heavy importance on keeping each other in the loop about our ideas.

This can be applicable to other areas of life aside from furnishing a nursery! We have planned out how we are going to slowly replace the government loaner furniture with our own items with a similar method. David and I don’t want to constantly be in debt and we want to be smart about how we spend the money he works so hard to earn.

Happy shopping y’all and God Bless ♡

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