We Need the Beef

Thing about a cheeseburger. You pick up the entire thing and open your mouth as far as you can. You take that first bite and you have to instantly have to grab a napkin to wipe the juices and sauce off your face. Every bite tastes like heaven on earth and by the time you get down to the last bite, you have to sit back and unbutton your pants a little because you’re so full. Believe it or not, there is a burger place that will do this to you in Okinawa.

BoaSorte is located in between Camp Foster and MCAS Futenma. Parking is limited, so you have to find a spot and take it quick. When you walk in and go to the counter to order, the staff will ask where you parked to respect anyone who lives in the area and has an assigned spot. There is a menu in English available and the staff we interacted with spoke broken English, but enough to know exactly what we wanted.

The decor inside was like what you would see in places like Freebirds or some swanky sandwich shop with a hipster vibe. Retro signs hung everywhere and instead of normal tables and chairs, we sat at a bar in camping chairs. Pictured behind me is a couch with a low table. This was totally a place you could meet up with friends for lunch and have a good time. David and I enjoyed watching a Japanese version of WWE on the tv when we went to grab ketchup or more napkins.

One thing I thought was weird about this burger joint was all the burgers come with peanut butter unless you requested they remove it. I have never heard of putting peanut butter on a burger, but to each his own I guess. I got an avocado burger and french fries seasoned with rosemary, salt, and pepper. The trays they serve food on made it easy to keep your ketchup from getting too wild on your plate and going everywhere. The wax paper they have wrapped around the burger makes it easy to eat with because it catches all the juices so they don’t roll down your arm.

Y’all my burger was so good and I’m happy David and I decided to stop in. I eyed this place while he was on deployment, but waited to go so he could come, too. I couldn’t finish my burger because I felt like I was going to pop. BoaSorte has made its way to my top five list of places to eat on this island. If you’re driving south, be sure to check it out!

God Bless ♡