Marriage Year One

A year sure does fly by. Twelve months ago, my best friend and I were getting ready in a hotel room. My dad, sister, and nephew came by when it was time to leave the church. My nephew told me in the car that I looked like a princess and asked if David had his military sword with him. I was so nervous and happy at the same time. I was marrying my best friend that day.

David and I are so thankful for our families and their generous love and support for our decision to get married. They constantly asked if we needed anything and celebrated our big deal with huge smiles on their faces. We couldn’t be more blessed to have the lucky few we get to call our loved ones.

The first year of marriage can be tough for some, but I don’t think that was the case for us. David and I are used to being apart, so spending the first two months of marriage separated wasn’t as agonizing as I anticipated. Going on a deployment for four months not too long after I got on the island was a little trying since our communication was strictly limited, but I did get to visit him in Australia. We took two trips, one back to the United States and another to Taiwan, and those were a blast.

The biggest thing I learned was patience. I have to be patient with David’s job. He doesn’t get to make his hours. He is an incredibly hard worker. He takes pride in what he does. I have to be patient during what feels like forever, sometimes including weekends, and last minute trips that pop up. Fortunately, I have Ava here to keep me somewhat sane.

I also learned the importance of having faith. Not only that David will be home before dinner gets cold, but having faith that this lifestyle isn’t totally forever. Before we know it, we will be back near our family and friends. We won’t have to travel over twenty-four hours to see old faces. I need to have faith that we can tackle whatever it is that gets thrown at us and trust that the big man upstairs won’t let anything get too out of control.

As we celebrate our first year as man and wife, David and I couldn’t be more grateful that by this time next year our little family will have grown by two feet. We will face a new set of obstacles as first time parents, but I know that David will be there right beside me. We won’t throw in the towel. We will lean on each other when we need it the most.

Every day, my love and admiration for him grows. I couldn’t imagine doing life without him. Happy one year anniversary. Many more to go.

God Bless ♡